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Passionate for Water

Sharing experience and connections with like-minded individuals, businesses, government agencies, and water utilities.

r2R is honored to speak at the very first PMAA Women's Conference in State College, PA October 3&4

r2R's Resident "Water Geek"

Shannon Gority has been creating healthy and sustainable communities through engineering and management of water systems for 20 years and counting. 

She is an experienced executive and engineer with a demonstrated history of success in the water utilities industry. Her many skills include: Planning, Project Management, Process Efficiency, Water Treatment, Water Quality, Community Engagement, and Public Speaking (and Knitting, Puns, Mom Jokes, Metaphors, Unsolicited Advice, and Humming without realizing it)

Not Your Average Water Consultant

Our mission at Raindrop to River Consulting is to blend a public service ethos with creativity, environmental engineering, unique partnerships, and constant learning to create ripple effects that enhance communities, protect the environment, and responsibly use and manage water. 

We love the work we do, have fun in the process, and have a track record of making folks excited about water.

How May We Assist You?

  • Serving the water industry – drinking water, wastewater, reclaimed/reuse water, stormwater (they're all the same water molecules on different parts of their journey)
  • Woman-owned business providing sub-consulting and contracted services including construction inspection, GIS, short-term staffing.  Need it? Just ask.
  • Advising water utility managers, leadership teams, governing bodies, regulators, advocates and   stakeholders.
  • Solving problems and streamlining processes through collaboration and resourcefulness.
  • Mentoring and empowering water-related entities to serve as catalysts for community growth and improvement.

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